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Sometimes, we don't have time or the energy to put together a whole outfit.So what's better than just putting on your boyfriend's tee, some pants and your favorite leather jacket? Nothing, cause that's exactly what I did. paired with some jewelry this simple outfit becomes a casual but still chic look. The jacket is actually vintage and a piece I was rocking so often during the fall time. However now, it's mostly too cold and my coat became my best friend. Why can't we have warmer weather like LA? You know, Switzerland is really nice but sometimes... I guess you got the point^^

So now were nearly in the final two weeks before Christmas! I can get really excited during the advent season but this year, I don't feel like being in a festive atmosphere since there's still so much to finish before I can enjoy some free time (hopefully!). In addition, getting all these gifts for your family can be quite stressful, especially when you don't have this brilliant idea that your sure about to make the person the other smile... What is your favorite gift?

Let's find some ideas and get inspired!


JACKET - Rockit London
PANTS - Only
SHOES - Vögele Shoes

pictures by Matthew Alexander


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