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The time you are reading this article, I'll be already in Prague to stay there for some days. So that's why I'm sitting in front of my laptop until late in the night working like crazy to get everything prepared and ready for the time I'll be away... And don't even asked me about the things I still have to pack - we have to be super efficient these times, don't we?^^ So since it's winter time, I love to wear thick and cozy sweaters. However, it wasn't that cold a few days ago (now it's actually all white outside! Snow came right after Christmas and brought some pretty cold weather too^^) I could simply wear my oversized sweater with some tights and these warm high boots that have faux fur inside all over the leg. And to give the whole look more shape I put over this heavy necklace made of several chains.

I love facial expressions - they give pictures their character. Wouldn't all the fashion magazines be boring if every model would just look in the camera without any movement in their face, without any expressions? And so it is in everyday life too - it's not always about looking perfect but don't be afraid to smile and use your face to make everything more lively. Many people don't like a certain aspect of their face but mostly, others don't realize it or actually love exactly this thing about you. It's also the same with your smile - you may not like it but I swear, most of us don't search the imperfections of your smile (especially since often there aren't any at all). So smile! It's not without reason that we say: "A smile is the most beautiful thing you can wear!" Smiling can open hearts and make you appear sympathetic . It's the meaning behind it and not the absolute perfection we human see and automatically concentrate on - I guess the only one who looks at perfection is you. So don't overdo it and be human with yourself!

Enjoy the snow and get inspired!


SHOES - Francesco Milano
SWEATER - my dad's one

pictures by Matthew Alexander


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