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Christmas is coming nearer and nearer with every day... can you imagine that we already have the 11th of december? We almost reached the half of advent, but hopefully, you're more in a christmas feeling than me. I don't know why but it seems like to the end of the year there's much more to do then any time else. Does everybody want to finish things with the year? Which doesn't really make sense since new year is a date defined by human. We also could have put it in the middle of august and everybody would feel sentimental then. However, I never can decide whether I like celebrating new years eve or not. On one hand, it's just a day like every other except that human gave it a higher "human meaning" and the industry can make a lot of profit out of it. On the other hand, why not celebrate that another year is over. It's not because it's exactly on the 31 of december but if there's already a date we can also celebrate then. I think, it's simply a good way to become aware of the finiteness of our life and that we should use the time we have since we have every moment only once in our lifetime. And of course: it's nice to have another reason to come together with your friends or family and party till the early hours!

However, first there's Christmas and a lot of gifts to worry about^^ For me, this outfit fits perfectly in the advent season. The red and black colors create this quite festive spirit. I immediately fell in love with this top when I saw it in the shop. I love the color, the cut and especially the quilted material. Combined with the lace texture of the skirt and the extra pop of color with the bag it was my perfect outfit to go for the day and a little walk through the town in the evening. 

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SHOES - Roberto Santi
BAG - Pieces

pictures by Matthew Alexander


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