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Looking at these pictures I feel like they're made at a gas station somewhere in the nowhere during a road trip - which they're actually not - but still, you can feel these kind of vibes through the atmosphere. The large old denim jacket, the distressed jeans and the black sneakers paired with this cropped pineapple top, it has this kind of 60s american feeling like in the film "On the road". It feels like you're driving around for hours and just threw over a jacket to walk a little after the long drive.

Personally, I love to sit in the car while driving somewhere - especially in the night. You could make me happy by taking me with you, listening to some great music you can sometimes sing along loud or to listen to while just sitting on my seat in silent, looking out my window and watching the landscape passing by. And in the night, you can only see the lights of the cities, far away, sometimes hidden by a tree. And the you drive on this hill, stop the car, get out and watch the stars lying on your back. That's total happiness and freedom for me - only this moment and me, short in the humans history but lasting in my memories forever. 

It's so sad that I nearly never get to live these moments in our hectic and full everyday life where's often no place to dream. Who didn't wanted to simply let go all the stress and drive away once? I did and hopefully there will be chances to do so. And as long as not, we still have our imagination for some one minute trips inside our head - far far away... <3

Dream, and get inspired! 


DENIM JACKET - Levi's (found at Rockit London)
JEANS - Zara
SHOES - Vögele Shoes

pictures by Matthew Alexander


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