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I WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS - and hopefully, you all spent a wonderful christmas eve with you family - at least that's what I did. So after all de christmas posts you could find these days on blogs, I also wanna play my part in it. Since this year, christmas more likely felt like a day in fall, I thought that a white outfit could replace the missing snow a little bit. And of course: it wouldn't be Christmas without decoration, so I hang these Christmas bauble all over me, put on some golden eye shadow and even a little bit of gold dust on my lips.

So I wish everybody a beautiful time for rest of the time. Enjoy the love around you - and also the delicious food^^ But don't forget: Even if all the gifts and decorations are beautiful, what really counts is the time with the loved people around you since that' what will left as wonderful memories in your mind forever!

Merry christmas - and get inspired!


BLOUSE - Vintage

pictures by Matthew Alexander


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