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WELCOM TO 2015 - I wish you all a happy New Year and I hope, you had a great time on New Year's Eve. Weather you celebrated it or not, it simply reminds us that another year passed. It makes us remind the finitude of life and that we should enjoy every moment we have. This isn't as easy as it sounds but maybe, if we write it in our hearts, we can do so a little bit more often. Many people make lists with things they want to do better in the new year then in the past, things they want to experience. These can be eating healthier or doing more sport -  which often only holds for the first few weeks. 

I guess those things that would change the daily routine your used to since a long time can't be fixed with only a good tasks for the new year. But little things like being more friendly, treat yourself better and others, love... all these can improve a little bit if you really want it by heart. For me, it's especially to enjoy the moment. As I said, this can be extremely difficult especially since we're living in a busy world where everything is just about success and money, about being as fast as possible and always up to speed. But for our bodies, it's impossible to be always at the front over a longer period of time. If we try it, were just running behind everything and miss the things we pass by on the way. Sometimes, we need a rest on the street to look around, to see the flowers at the roadside we can't see when running over them. These flowers are these moments that make living worth it, don't stamp them down.

Take some time to think about the things that have a meaning for your heart, things you enjoyed in 2014 and things you wanna live in 2015. It doesn't have to be much, it's simply to make you're life a little bit happier. 



SWEATER - United Colors of Benetton
COAT - Only

pictures by Matthew Alexander


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