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In our technical life where we can get stuck into our computers or cell phones so fast, we start to forget about the important things, about the things we love and want to do, the things that make us happy from the heart, not only on the outside for a few seconds. It's easy to be overwhelmed and fascinated by our world of consumption but you might loose yourself - and your dreams.

So don't think about superficiality, about your imperfections - think about yourself, exactly the way you are now cause you are wonderful. Think about what you really want and not desires that our society wants you to have. We loose ourself thinking about things we don't have or we aren't, while there would be so many things we have and that we are. Wouldn't it be much easier to see it that way? Your not defined by your failures but by the things you reached - and who says that you won't the reach the other things in the future too?

Let us think about these for a short moment: What makes you happy? What are your dreams? At the end of the day, we are happy when we can follow our passion which isn't always easy but still possible, even if it's only in little steps.After you've read this and hopefully got some inspiration, just close your eyes for a moment to concentrate on your passion, make a list with things you really want and do them now. There's no need to wait for anything else to happen before, you deserve it!


Many people would, if you asked them, say that they want to travel. It seems like a childhood wish to travel the world - who hasn't thought about it? But why do we have the desire to travel? For me, traveling is happiness, seeing new countries, new cultures and people makes me excited like a little kid. After I arrived you can literally see me looking fascinated at everything around me, the beautiful landscape, the houses - and it's sometimes not easy to talk with me about other things then^^ So traveling makes us experience new things we don't get or see in our everyday life, it makes us inspired (believe me, I'm never as creative then in holidays - like if my common home just soaks up the energy to have new ideas and when traveling, I finally get it back!)

So travel: You don't have to first reach your goals before you deserve it, or you'll never do it. Also it doesn't always have to be a luxury hotel, in fact you might even discover much more when traveling more on the simple side. It's hard to get overwhelmed by the unknnow country and culture when sitting at the pool in your hotel (even though this is really relaxing and wonderful too from time to time^^) 

Experience new places for these little moments of happiness!


We probably all have this creative side inside us with own ideas to create. No matter what you love - painting, designing, photography, cooking, carpentry, technology, writing, ... - do it! It makes people happy to express themselves through their own ideas, to reach personal goals and dreams, having this feeling of personal success and happiness when they finally completed something. 

No matter what it is - if it's your dream, fight for it!


Music makes us happy, and there are so many different kinds of it. You can simply turn on your favorite playlist on your cell phone or listen to an old school cd (or even cassette^^). Sometimes it will be loud and fast music to dance wildly and without inhibition alone in your room until all your head is filled with melodies, sometimes it's only lying on your bed with your eyes closed to listen to gentle sounds.

It might make you cry or it might make you laugh, but the wonderful thing about music is that it can touch you deep inside and strengthen you and give you power. I think that's the magic of music: One sound can go deeper then thousand words will ever do.

So no matter if you play your own instruments (or maybe it's the time to learn it?), if you sing, or if you simply like to listen to it - enjoy!


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