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#Amsterdam FOOD GUIDE

AMSTERDAM - A beautiful city - and a wonderful place to spend all day with food: on the go, for a long breakfast, some tea and cake in the afternoon or a delicious dinner at night. Since we spent the last week there in this amazing city, I thought I could share with you some great places we've been to (and actually, we never ended up somewhere totally horrible, you would actually have to search the "bad places" :) All in all, I definitely fell in love with the city and the little restaurants and cafés that are situated in all the small streets along the canals. So for your next holiday, give Amsterdam a try - and enjoy the food!


You find little fast food/on the go places everywhere - so no matter whether you need a breakfast or just a little snack, you'll definitely find something. 
The people of Amsterdam (or maybe of the Netherlands) seem to be obsessed with Nutella - not only Nutella on itself but all different things made with Nutella like cakes, crêpes, coffee... So the ultimate Nutella store we found is the Nutella Ice Bakery
If you're "only" looking for a normal coffee (without some funky Nutella in it) checkout the Coffee Company which has several shops in Amsterdam. 
Near the University, in the Langebrugsteeg you'll find little bakeries (and also a italian one) for some sweet or salty treats. Another good Bakery is near the Van Gogh Museum (but they have also other shops): Simon Meijssen Bakery. Try out their Chocolate Meringue, it is delicious!
For a saltier snack or lunch, check out Maoz: You can get there vegetarian falafel that you can fill on your own with the huge variety of salads. Make your very personal falafel for lunch (and for those who don't want to eat the bread, just get your falafel salad!) 
Another great spot for a fast but delicious lunch is the Salsa Shop. They make wonderful mexican food: We tried the vegetarian burrito and I have to say, it's really worth it! (Don't forget to bring your credit card with you, they don't accept cash.)
Typically thick belgian french fries with nearly any sauce you could think of are found at Chipsy King. It's not a healthy snack but you're in holidays, aren't you? :)
Last but not least, I always like to check out the local supermarkets to see what they have compared to the things I'm used to at home. La Place has a good take away salad buffet. And for some lemonades, you find a nice range at Marqt (notice: also here only credit cards are accepted.)
And for the people at home, you can bring with some cheese or honey mustard you find in the cheese stores all over Amsterdam. Or you buy some Dutch Syrup Waffles to snack on your way... :)


Usually, I'm not a huge breakfast person but while in holidays, I love to try out and enjoy a good breakfast every morning in a little café. So here come some places we've been to - and we've left happy and full :)
The spot I probably loved the most was this little english tea room Greenwoods that have several delicious egg dishes for breakfast but also scones or simply their perfect soda bread with butter, jam and marmalade. It's also a great place in the afternoon for high tea or simply enjoying their incredible Lemon Meringue Pie with a “Buddha's Little Secret Tea“.
Not far away from there, you find the B&B Lunchroom where they make super fresh sandwiches with white or brown bread. You can also get your breakfast egg there or one of their gigantic muffins.
And finally, maybe when you want to visit the Anne Frank Museum in the morning, you can have your breakfast before in the Spanjer en van Twist. They have not only breakfast to enjoy  - best on the upper floor of the restaurant, but don't break your neck on the typically steep stairs.


A spot I totally fell in love with is the little café Latei. It's a really small place and also mostly visited by natives but definitely check it out! Their apple pie and fresh mint tea (seems typically too since you can get it nearly everywhere) are delicious as well as their sandwiches. You won't regret your visit between all the tea cups at the wall :)
For a only vegetarian option, De Bolhoed is just your place. Also near the Anne Frank Museum, you get more rustic salads and quiches that are just as delicious as healthy.
For a coffee (or a hot chocolate as I would recommend) in the afternoon, spend some time in the Van Harte which has a wonderful atmosphere to recover after a long shopping day in the little streets. (they have also lunch and diner, but we were there only in the afternoon)
And for the last café a spot that is located in an old pumping station. It's a nice place to spend some more time when you have to work (many take their computer with them) or simply wanna read a book - you'll have time there.


Kind of my favorite meal since I love food and sitting in a restaurant for hours to enjoy it makes the whole experience even better. 
If you want to try a really good burger in an authentic location, go to the Bar Huf. Their menu isn't big but this doesn't matter - even if there's only the vegetarian burger as a no-meat dish I would go there again, it was seriously so good. And for dessert, try they're cheesecake milkshake - perfect!
For the indian fans, visit the Shiva Indian Restaurant. There's also a vegetarian menu to get to try several of their dishes. And for drink, I would recommend the mango lassi  - especially when you're going with a spicy dish.
And last but not least, kind of an insider tip since there were only natives when we went there, is the italian restaurant Assaggi. They make perfectly delicious authentic Italian food. Vegetarians can go with the vegetarian antipasti for starters and then eat one of their pizzas. For dessert a tiramisu and your italian evening is complete. Also the personnel is very friendly and helpful, and for all of you who want to speak Italian with them, just do it - they will speak Italian with you for the rest of the evening :)

All restaurants and cafés mentioned serve also vegetarian food!

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