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Wait - no, stop! Before you freak out now or start to think about why I did it: No, I didn't cut my hair even though I often think about how it would be to rock a short crop. This time, it's only a wig I got to wear for a theatre play I took place in. Admittedly, it's not the most beautiful one with all the matted hair but still, it was the first time I could see more or less how I'd look with a short haircut. Also, I didn't want to look perfect nor beautiful but characteristic - with nearly no make up on. So I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to shoot some pictures and tell you what I think about it...

Short hairstyles are back in fashion since a few years, women take this brave step and cut their hair - whether there are only some millimeters or centimeters left - and look fantastic with it. However, so many women would never cut off their long and beautiful hair, which is not meant as an accusation - at the moment it would be quite hard for me as well. But why is it so heard, why may we even fear loosing our long hair? 

A possible reason: Women are often judged by their appearance, their femininity. And we as the society still associate long hair with women and short hair with men. Maybe, some fear to loose their femininity - totally wrong! Over all these thoughts about our outside we forget that the important things come from the inside, and strengt can't be measured by the length of our hair. Of course, short hair gives you no possibility to hide. But have you already thought about it the other way round? Short hair gives way to all the other beautiful sides of your face and neck that would always be hidden otherwise.

And come on - who says short hair worn by a powerful woman isn't sexy or flirty? Nobody!

Stay strong and get inspired - from the inside!


JACKET - Pimkie
SWEATER - hessnatur

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pictures by Matthew Alexander

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