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To bring in some colors in your look for the warmer season, not only clothes can help you out but also some bright and fresh nails. I think that some geometric shapes are always a good option when you don't want to look too girly but still only a plain color is just not enough. So here's my option with a bright turquoise, a gold and and a white nail polish. Of course you can personalize your nails however you want.

Get inspired - and stay colorful!

1. Start with using your favorite base coat so your nail polish will last longer.

2. Use the color you want to paint your nails all over with.

3. Take your golden nail polish to draw geometric shapes onto your base colors. You can also draw it to only one finger or use the same pattern for every nail. Personally, however, I like to get creative :)

4. Line your golden shapes with some white nail polish. Try to use a really thin brush to get as precise as possible. Here you can also draw some additional lines to make it look more complete.

5. To finish, top with some top coat to secure your polish - and you're done!

pictures by Matthew Alexander


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