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I finally did it: I got a hair appointment and went to the hairdresser to cut my ends which were broken since such a long time already. I could nearly see spliss at the end of every single hair. I don't know why but I've never really been a person who gets her hair cut regularly but instead I would always wait until my hair'd be so damaged that it simply needs a cut.

However, it hasn't become as short as the wig I wore in this article I posted some weeks ago. It was so interesting to read your positive reaction on the short hair - I would have never thought that. Still, I guess I'm not ready yet to go such a big step and cut it all off. Maybe one day... Shouldn't everybody once have short hair in their life, what do you think?

For quite a long time I was convinced so but now when only shortening my hair some centimeters it wasn't easy for me. Seems like I'm obsessed with my hair which I think is quite sad cause your hair is only on the outside and will still grow constantly after a short cut. In our "perfect world, however, it's difficult not to define yourself by your look as well - to which your hair obviously belongs too. 

Lately, I just thought about this point: The problem - especially of us women - is that we don't feel confident in our bodies without looking in a certain "perfect" way, which we try to achieve by using make up, extensions etc. Cutting all this out of our life probably isn't the solution, but we should try to define beauty and confidence not only by superficialities but also by our natural appearance and the inside - our beliefs, values, opinions are whyt really defines us from the inside out.

Stay confident of your real self - and get inspired! 



pictures by my mom

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