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Yes, it's already one year that I'm doing this. Even though my blog is quite small and only gets a few views, I'm happy about everybody who takes some time to have a look at it or even leave a comment. It's crazy how the time flies, I just realized some days ago that Anova turned one year this week. So for once, I won't bother you with too much words but let some pictures that were never published in my articles show you how much I love doing this.This blog is a place where I can share my thoughts, my passion and hopefully some inspiration with you. It's not easy to get the blog done while having to survive everyday life but I wouldn't do it and spend so much time if I wouldn't love it. It's kind of my creative melody, an empty room waiting to be filled by me.

Although sometimes, it might look that I hardly laugh, it's hard for me to stay serious all the time, so I'd start dancing on the street or doing other strange things. Therefore this time, this post is just me being a goof while we actually try to shoot an outfit. 

It was wonderful to relive this past year by scrolling through all the pictures again and remembering all the funny moments - but also the ones when I would be pretty stressed out because the things wouldn't work as I wanted them to. I wanna thank Matthew for taking (nearly) all of the pictures and for having the patience to stay calm when I didn't. I thank Nadja for encouraging me at the beginning to just start and for taking some of the pictures as well, especially the very first ones. And finally, I want to thank you guys - no matter how many of your there are - for visiting this place regularly or just having a look at it from time to time.

Thank you - and get inspired!

pictures by Matthew Alexander


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