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Sorry for the lack of updates - life brings too much work to do sometimes. However, let's start again fresh with this colorful pastel look. Peaches aren't in season yet, so why not wear it as a color to get ready for a fruity summer?

I love this thinner coat, perfect for the springtime. I'm nearly sad that the weather here in switzerland is getting pretty warm at the moment so the coat is already too warm. I think it's crazy: first, it was quite cold and now we have summer temperatures - I really miss the spring time weather, it's just the perfect temperature to wear some lighter clothes but not having to sweat in everything except a t-shirt and shorts. But we shouldn't complain too much, should we? Maybe this means that I get to enjoy the real peaches a bit sooner, we'll see :)

So for the rest, I wore some pale blue jeans and a blue white shirt to go with the pastel color scheme. And finally to finish the outfit, I added my self made Bracelet.

Get inspired!

COAT - Bershka
JEANS - American Apparel
SHIRT - Mango
SHOES - Graceland
RINGS - gifts
BRACELET - by myself

pictures by Matthew Alexander


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