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BLACK 'N WHITE - I don't know why but lately I really like to just wear black and white stuff, or at least no bright colors. If you'd told me so some years ago, I would have thought your crazy because there was a time, even before all the colored jeans got in fashion, when I only owned these - not even one "normal" blue or black one. But times pass and moods come and go. And who says black 'n white is only for the winter time? So the only thing to prep up this look with some dark red was on the lips, which makes it even more elegant I think. Since it's spring, we don't need to wear our thick warm winter coats anymore. However, it's still not summer so I like to wear a cape over my outfit - it gives it a timeless touch and softens the whole look with the extra layer of material.

That day, I was out and about in town to do some shopping and stuff, when we found this arcade that's also kept in only grey and black. The pillars give a nice geometric frame to the picture and the whole setting supports the outfit and lets the lips pop out even a little bit more.

Get inspired - in whatever mood you are!


CAPE - Vero Moda
TOP - hessnatur
SHOES - Graceland
RINGS - gift and H&M

pictures by Matthew Alexander


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