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And the times had past... That's just how I felt when I realized that I missed updating the blog - I'm really sorry for that. Meanwhile, summer definitely arrived in Switzerland and made me even feel too hot, I guess that I'm pretty sensitive when it comes to the perfect weather: sunny but not too bright, warm but not too hot^^ However, I still enjoy the warmth so much, the longer days, the possibility to stay outside in the evening without having to be wrapped up in a thousand blankets.

For this season, I absolutely discovered for myself wide leg trousers (which are anyway a huge trend for this summer) - so of course I had to get these beautiful black and white (you know how much I love these colors currently) striped culottes which I fell immediately in love with. It's the perfect trousers if you don't wanna wear your hot pants while still showing a bit of skin and when it's definitely too warm to wear your skinny jeans (you need loose fabric for hot days). The red blouse brings this pop of color to the outfit I love - and it's really loose as well. The final elegant touch comes with the few delicate pearl rings and the white heels. No more accessories needed - the outfit is already wonderful itself.

Enjoy the summer nights - an get inspired!


TOP - Zara
HEELS - Blink Shoes
RINGS - H&M and from my holidays
BRACELET  - from Vietnam

pictures by Matthew Alexander


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